How long has it been? Almost a year? Since Sienna Miller finally quit Balthazar Getty?

There was a DJ on a boat after that. Maybe a random hook up or two, it’s so hard to keep track when it comes to Sienna but no matter now because she’s back with Jude and at her best, and spotted today in New York at Balthazar enjoying the afternoon before getting ready for tonight’s Costume Institute Gala. Wonder if she actually ate before an event. Wonder if she had to wait in line at Balthazar. I feel like you always have to wait at Balthazar. Except celebrities.

The last time Sienna went to the Met Gala it was for AngloMania and she attended with Burberry’s Chistopher Bailey. Hated it. But I cared about it. And that’s the thing about Sienna on a carpet. It’s never not interesting.

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