As you probably gathered from all the frenzy surrounding last Friday 8/8/8, we Chinese are big on dates. Like lucky dates. We consult special calendars, we consult a combination of numbers and signs, we consult fortune tellers… I’m telling you, it’s full on. When we were planning our wedding, we had to move it up a year - A FULL YEAR – because my mother calculated our birthdays and birth years and found a date that was absolutely perfect. PERFECT. It only gave us 5 months but whatever…this is what we do.

Because it’s important to start off on the right foot. An auspicious beginning. Which is the exact opposite of Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty.

As you know, their love resulted from an allegedly wrecked home and a family broken by betrayal. While Sienna continues to insist that she and Balthazar began only after he and his wife had split, Rosetta Getty seems content not to clarify, to sit back and let the other woman publicly burn at the stake…

The smoke is suffocating Sienna.

Surrounded by paps while pumping gas yesterday in Malibu, hounded by accusations, alienated by the powerful Hollywood wives club suddenly mobilised against her, Sienna broke down, trying valiantly to hold back her tears.

For now though she and Balthy are vowing to stay together, to rough their love through the fire, believing they’ll end up together in a better place.


Bad beginnings lead to bad endings. This will end badly.

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