Will she regret Rhys? Will she shudder at the memory of his hands all over her? Will she dry heave when recalling the smell of his sweat? This is what happens to me. I regret. I regret them all save oh maybe 3? The others were all rubbish. Some of them were uglier than f&ck. One of them I brought home and my mother was like, why are you dating a boy with three hairs on his head shaped like a tripod?



Then again, maybe Sienna’s not so shallow. Maybe she will remember Rhys as a relationship she needed to finally move past Jude. After being the one who loves MORE, I suppose we all need to fill the shoes of the one who loves LESS. And if you believe in the notion that things must come full circle, perhaps you’re never truly healed after someone breaks up with you until you break up with someone else. Perhaps you can only get over getting hurt when you hurt someone yourself. Or vice versa. Or on and on. So after you hurt someone, you can’t forgive yourself until you get hurt back again. Is that how it is? I forget. I’m an old married cow.

As you know, Sienna has dumped Rhys Ifans. He spent last night getting sh*tfaced at some restaurant, heartbroken over what he feels was an unexpected split, becoming belligerent with the paps until the cops were called. Rhys was questioned then released, heading off to mourn some more while the object of his sorrow attended the premiere of her new movie in a red dress and changed for the afterparty into a white one.

Sienna was in great spirits, as she’s been since her split. She has that look about her again – that look that always gets her into trouble. Won’t be long before a new boy comes along. But who?

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