Sienna Miller wore two Gucci dresses to close Cannes. The first was a dusty rose tiered gown that would have been just ok if not for that red collar and the caped shoulder which saves it from being Marchesa which, kinda sounds like I just compared sh-t to diarrhoea. Not my intention. 

For the final evening, it was blue leather on top and flirty skirt on the bottom and for me, the standout here is her hair. I totally hairspo-ed it for the show today. She was in a great mood last night. There’s footage of her dancing up the stairs to greet people. Shots in the car? A lot of shots through the entire festival, no doubt. And that’s fine. Who says jury members can’t party? The difference between Sienna then and now though is that before there were no limits. She’s still a good time, for sure. In all the ways she used to have a good time, you know? But she’s figured how to be a good time a lot more discreetly, and without falling in love.