It’s customary on talk shows that the most high profile, more popular guests appear first, followed by the less famous people, and then the performer.

Last night I noticed on the listings that Sienna Miller was scheduled for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. So I PVR’d on timeshift and watched just before bedtime. It’s one of the few advantages of living on the West Coast. We can see it earlier and still have the rest of the night. Getting up at 4am however is a motherf-cker. And West Coast people, they just move slower. But I’ll stop now before everyone in British Columbia starts bitching. They like to do that a lot too.

So anyway, I’m curious about Sienna, curious to see how she is, and am surprised that the first guest is not in fact Sienna but some dude called Jarod Miller showing off his exotic animals. Apparently he’s the grand poobah of exotic animal demonstrations. Or something.

The point is Sienna was relegated to following the exotic animal demonstration. I had to laugh.

When she did come out, she was very engaging, very chatty, she has a great voice, a great accent, is charming and gorgeous and not stupid and it’s not hard to see why she’s so appealing which is why it’s especially maddening the impulsive, terrible choices she keeps making that have destroyed her reputation.

As of a few days ago, she and Balthazar Getty were still together. Honestly, I don’t know why it’s taking her so long to get rid of him and move on. To someone more fun. Like Ben Barnes. Or, yes, as I’ve been saying, Robert Pattinson.

Photos attached of Sienna in red in London before heading to LA earlier this week and in LA arriving at her hotel.

Photos from GABO and WCI/