Sienna Miller was walking her dog in New York today and they were photographing her and she was arguing with them about photographing her and then she started crying, repeatedly wiping the tears from her eyes.

Now I am not an overly emotional person. I don’t cry often, let alone cry in public. I understand that sometimes it needs to happen for some people some of the time…but in this case, in her case, don’t ask me to feel badly and sympathise with her protests.

Sienna creates her own drama, she invites the attention, even at Burger King she needs the attention. And hers is a tabloid life. It’s a life that she drives, that she is making the decisions for, and these decisions keep her on smut watch, these decisions perpetuate the interest.

Lately, it’s true, Sienna has tried to tone down her sh-t, to play it straight for a change and focus on the work. But after 5 years of shenanigans, 4 months of good behaviour doesn’t buy you a pass. Besides, you know deep down she f-cking loves it.

Photos from Jose Perez/