As mentioned earlier, it was a big weekend for American Sniper, Bradley Cooper, and Clint Eastwood. Sienna Miller gets to enjoy that too, right?

We’ve talked about what a ride she’s had the last year or so. And now, being part of a film that just turned this into a legitimate race… it’s good for her. It’s more good for her. She’s been doing good for a while now. And she deserves to be part of the Murica Sniper team at the Oscars. As a presenter? Sienna’s been to the Oscars before, but just with Jude Law, and not on her own merit, for her own work. Having her there is also a fashion bonus.

Here she is in a contrasting stripes outfit that I’m obsessed with at the end of last week. Am also attaching shots of Tom Sturridge, big pimpin’ in a houndstooth coat. So there’s already a contender for Best Dressed couple on February 22nd.