Sienna Miller’s Twenty8Twelve launched yesterday in London. Being that it’s a fashion line, how impressive to see that Sienna looked like she couldn’t be bothered last night at the launch party. Shlumpy hair, shlumpy outfit, and of course instead of abstaining just one night, just to get her business – a business! – off to an auspicious start, Sienna could not resist getting blitzed with her new bff Rhys Ifans. For Sienna there is no division between work and play.

As for Rhys - she claims they’re not dating, that he’s merely crashing with her while he gets his place fixed up, though judging from recent photos and these ones last night, there is a level of familiarity that stinks of sexual acquaintance…particularly the way their bodies are positioned as they fumbled to open her front door.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Sienna is also expected in Toronto next week during TIFF to unveil the line at Holt Renfrew. A party is also planned. Wonder if Rhys will tag along? Wonder if I’ll run into her at run into her at Burger King at 4am for the post-party midnight munchies? Will keep you posted…