Sienna Miller was in LA last night for the International Medical Corps Annual Awards in Beverly Hills. She wore her hair the way Reese Witherspoon did the other night - click here for a refresher. Since the Princess Grace biopic has been a topic of discussion, said to be coveted by every actress in the business, immediately I thought...

Oh, you too?

What kind of a meltdown would you have if Sienna Miller was cast as Grace of Monaco? I kinda want it to happen, just to see the fallout.

Could she?

Well, Sienna certainly is beautiful. Very, very, very beautiful. But does she have the poise? You don’t have to put your hand up for that one. I can hear your thoughts already.

Also attached - Sienna arriving in LA earlier in the day. You know, in her defence, with Tom Sturridge, she’s been keeping a pretty low profile these days. I’m just saying, Sienna 2007 may not have been Grace-worthy. But maybe Sienna 2012 could be?

Sh-t, are you throwing things at me now?