If they"re not ugly...they"re married

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 30, 2008 13:45:00 June 30, 2008 13:45:00

If I looked like Sienna Miller, I’d be on top of Taylor Kitsch instead of writing a gossip blog. This is the problem sometimes with beautiful girls. Their taste is for ass. First Rhys Ifans and now…

News of the World
is reporting exclusively that Sienna Miller has hooked up with Balthazar Getty – hot in a dangerous, would-have-been-f&cked-up-like-Corey-Haim-if-his-family-wasn’t-loaded kind of way. News of the World isn’t exactly known for accuracy…but it’s so smutty, and so like Sienna, let’s run with it anyway.

The smutty of course comes from the fact that up until 5 minutes ago, Balthazar was supposedly happily married with multiple children, the youngest just 8 months old. Which would make Sienna a homewrecker. Of course.

According to the tabloid, they’ve been sneaking around for weeks – he’s flown to Europe to be close to her, now they’re in LA and totally inseparable but going to great pains to avoid being found out. Oops. His wife meanwhile is said to be heartbroken and has taken off with the kids to Italy.

Thing is…not that Sienna isn’t capable, because as you know, homewrecking isn’t exactly new to her… but that home may have been wrecked before she came along. You see, Balthazar is tight with Joaquin Phoenix. And I’ve heard from infallible sources that he’s been present as his wingman on more than a few occasions when Joaquin has been supposedly totally incapacitated while lousing it up with the ladies. If I were his wife, I’d probably be more than a little worried about those evenings on the town.

Here are a few photos of the two trying to thwart prying eyes last week. More images can be viewed here. Love that she’s carrying a bag (and her nipple hanging out) with the latest Us Weekly tucked inside.

Remember when I saw her at Burger King Sundance 2007 doing everything she could to get our attention? Don’t f&cking tell me she doesn’t love the gossip. Don’t f*cking tell me she doesn’t live for the gossip.

These protesting bitches are all like Jennifer Aniston. Famewhore.

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