Sienna Miller arrived in LA yesterday afternoon and, what did you expect?, headed straight for a party, seen here at the Grey Goose event last night with Dev Patel. Are you worried? Our sweet young Dev corrupted by Sienna?

He’s not married. She’s not interested. You shouldn’t worry.

Am told, as usual, Sienna spent much of the night smoking and spectacling (made up word), because this is her way. Sienna doesn’t hide in a corner. If Sienna Miller is somewhere, you will KNOW she’s there. Typically within the first 5 minutes.

And now we know she’s in town for Oscar weekend…to present? Or just to party? She’s not super popular in Hollywood these days – the Courteney Cox crowd has mobilised against her – but the Academy will be screening exclusive highly anticipated movie trailers on Sunday night during the telecast. Sienna next stars in the GI Joe movie… that could be a possibility. Keep you posted.


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