Winter travelling can be pain in the ass. The size of the coats, right? I don’t like wearing a big coat on the plane because it’s just so bulky but I also hate shoving it in my suitcase because it takes up so much room. Also I don’t like just walking around in one coat. If you’re away for a week you want options. So then you end up packing multiple coats in two suitcases for a trip that doesn’t really require that much luggage, only your outerwear is just so goddamn cumbersome.

Anyway, this is Sienna Miller at Heathrow today and that coat, that coat would have taken up some space. Same goes for the hat. That’s another thing. I like a travel hat too but it’s also a bitch to pack.
Last week Sienna was a judge at the British Film Festival in France. That is a f-cked up sentence in several ways.

Photos from INFphoto