Few can. But she can. Check out Sienna Miller in skinny acid wash - there's a name for it right now but am writing on an airplane and can't google - after a performance of Flare Path last night in London.

I mean I see her in these jeans and not only am I not offended, I'm actually really feeling the way she looks in them. Almost anyone else though? Instant derision. Am curious how long it will take before they go mass. Even if they do, I don't think I will. My calves are too big. And that doesn't mean I think I'm fat, it just means I know I've got muscular looking legs that generally don't lend themselves well to certain looks.

As for Sienna and this play - apparently she's been getting solid reviews. She also claims to be settling down. Says she's done with her twatty 20s and feels more serene, has the crazy out of her system. Click here for that interview.


If you've ever seen Sienna's drama go down in person, you'd know that's the sh-t that's programmed into someone's dna. Great that she's working and working well. But some things about Sienna will never change. We'll see a love twist soon enough.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com