This Celine sweater dress on Sienna Miller…I can’t. I can’t control my WANT. I would wear it every single day. I would never wear it and get into a water fight, are you f-cked?

Then again, it’s because for me, the sweater dress would be a major acquisition. For a celebrity, it’s one of many. For Sienna Miller, a celebrity known for style, it’s hardly memorable.

So Sienna was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night and they reminisced about how they were in Factory Girl together (remember Factory Girl? Because I’m not sure she wants to…), and of course they talked about American Sniper, and then the water fight happened. Which is when you get a glimpse of what the infamous Sienna would be like at a party. It’s the spontaneity. Jimmy knows the water’s coming…

But he’s still surprised. Because she’s still that girl, the sh-t disturber.