In the new issue of People Magazine, Sienna Miller’s people insist she’s not a homewrecker because Balthazar Getty and his wife have been “living separate lives” for a while. Still, the experience has been “humiliating” for Rosetta Getty and she’s apparently pissed as sh*t that she “left the country to protect the kids, and he continues to see Sienna publicly”. Douchebag.

You will note, despite Sienna’s protestations that she did nothing untoward, Balthazar and Rosetta have 4 children....the youngest is only 10 months.

But it’s not just a marriage that’s been torn asunder.

According to the magazine, Matthew Rhys is “livid” about the situation. Matthew and Getty work together on Brothers & Sisters. Matthew had a brief fling with Sienna (they are pictured here promoting The Edge of Love last month), he introduced her to Getty, and “didn’t see this coming... They don’t talk off the set anymore.”

And remember - the report is coming from People, a magazine normally shoved way up a celebrity"s ass. If they"re willing to get dirty about Sienna"s scandalous affair, it means not even they can ignore the smuttiness of it.

All this for someone she’ll tire of in 6 months before moving on to Joaquin Phoenix and ruining that friendship too. Watch.