Over in London, it’s Sienna Miller, maybe not quite as trainwrecky has Lindsay Lohan but drama, drama, drama, all the time too.

Last night Sienna hit up the Groucho Club stumbling out at 2am and heading to another bar where she hooked up with Cillian Murphy and they were seen leaving together in a cab…

She and Cillian have worked together on a couple of projects.

The optics of it though…well Sienna being Sienna… it’s not good, is it?

Cillian is married. Has 2 children, the youngest 18 months. Messing around, even platonically, with Sienna Miller, given her reputation, it would have to be a very understanding, very secure, very mature spouse who doesn’t feel a little twinge of something. And that ain’t me.

As for her situation with Balthazar Getty, report after report was released that he was getting fired from Brothers & Sisters for stepping out on his wife with Sienna. Like, she cost him his JOB. So far though that hasn’t happened and the show’s producers insist, for now, that he’s sticking around. Probably just a matter of time…

Jude Law hasn’t quite been the same since their relationship either.

Dude, are single men so hard to find?

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Wenn.com