Sienna Miller hooked up with Tom Sturridge last night in London after her regular gig in the play Flare Path in the West End. They go out regularly. Last time they met up for Asian food though she burst into tears over noodles. Maybe she was in a less dramatic mood last night. Like I’ve said on previous occasions, whatever it is between them, that poor kid is a go-to for her until her Next Great Love. Hopefully that won’t happen until a double date does. Or, hell, maybe even a group situation.

As previously noted, Sturridge is best friends with Robert Pattinson who of course is dating Kristen Stewart. If only there could be a hidden camera around when Kristen met Sienna. Throw Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford into that mix of beautiful 20somethings and that sh-t scripts itself.

But has it already happened?


Sienna will make sure it doesn’t happen without us knowing. Sienna would love to find herself in the middle of some kind of love triangle.

PS. Am loving her current post-performance fashion show. Every day she steps out in something new.
PPS. Her legs always look nice and tanned. How?

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