Two piece cheongsams are popular at weddings. I think I wore one at mine, picked out by my ma, obviously. Was this Erdem, worn by Sienna Miller, inspired by the cheongsam? Picture it in red with gold detailing, perhaps leading you to your table at a Chinese restaurant. Right?

I don’t hate the choice the way some of you do. What’s noteworthy about it though is it’s in line with the “new Sienna”. This Sienna is the mother of Marlowe and definitely not the girl who was once photographed doing the walk of shame outside Puffy-Diddy’s apartment. But some habits are harder to break.

Did you see Sienna when Argo was announced as Best Picture? She stood up to clap ...and still had to take a hit off of her electronic cigarette. SUPER low classy. It takes one to call one. I would have done the same. And perhaps I’m more in tune to it because I too am trying to quit smoking (again) and this time with an e-cig that Jacek bought me for Christmas. So far, it’s working. I’m on an all-nighter right now and I haven’t hit up a late night convenience store for an emergency pack. We’ll see what happens on Oscar weekend.

There’s the glimpse of the Sienna we’ve always known though. It was comforting.