In a while. Sienna Miller to Broadway in September in After Miss Julie. It’s one of only three roles in the production and it’s a very good opportunity for Sienna to do something other than date married men and stumble out of bars with married men in the middle of the night.

The optics… the optics of her antics, though they may be innocent, are never interpreted in her favour.

So a run on Broadway, if she can cut it, will be good for her. She is an actor, after all. So act.

Smart strategy on her agent’s part. Because Sienna’s career, like her love life, is in the sh-ts too. Many believe she is not worth the drama. That she is replaceable. That her talent is so unremarkable, there is no upside to having her that balances out the baggage she drags in with her. And as you know, Rosetta Getty has drawn a line and Sienna is quickly losing friends in Hollywood. Broadway might be one of her last chances.

But can Sienna Miller stay out of trouble? Two weeks into it she’ll probably fall in love with a stagehand and then it’s the same Sienna all over again. Remains to be seen whether Sienna Miller can focus.

Sienna was spotted last week (not pictured) in London leaving her house with a copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude. A little isolation would do her good.

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