Let us be clear that this was not the year any of us predicted for Sienna Miller – right? When she squealed with delight at American Sniper winning, I’d forgotten that she was even in it, because I associated her with Foxcatcher. Imagine being in two such high profile films in one year?

I read on Twitter tonight that @boobsradley and many other people said they had ‘Sienna Miller-specific face blindness’, and I think there’s something to that because as refined as she was in her gorgeous Oscar De La Renta (or whatever she wore to the Oscars or Sags) there are no visual clues to remind you that it’s the same girl who used to run around in short shorts and ponchos. She’s unrecognizable.

As for that perfect dress, I think it was underrated because you couldn’t see all the detail. Once you do, though, it’s pretty fantastic.