Sienna wins something

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 3, 2009 07:14:41 April 3, 2009 07:14:41

For once it’s about the acting. Or at least they told her it was about the acting to get her there. And she believed it.

This is Sienna Miller at ShoWest last night receiving the award for Supporting Actress of the Year. Slap in the face, a little?

Sienna was, once upon a time, supposed to be considered a leading lady…

Having said that, it’s a good career move. Take a step back, cede the spotlight for a change, things could turn around. Ceding the spotlight however is not easy for Sienna. It’s always about Sienna. Even at Burger King. She’s always the loudest, the flirtiest, the danciest, the happiest, and the most obnoxious. Look how she’s all Daddy Warbucks with Michael Caine there. Not because she is genuinely thrilled to be on his arm, but because she’s calling attention to the fact that she’s on his arm. She really cannot help herself.

And this is why, she too would be perfect for John Mayer.

But this dress…

Oh la.

I want.

I want so much.

Sienna and Balty? I hear she was read the riot act by her management and has been ordered to be more discreet. Not sure if Sienna understands the meaning of the word but am told at least for now she’s cooperating.

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