Sienna and Balthy have supposedly cooled. The other night in London she and Tom Sturridge spent some time together at the Groucho Club. Sienna had her flirty face on. I’ve seen her flirty face in action before. It’s pretty irresistible. For regular people, spending time together might just be sharing a cigarette. For Sienna, it’s always more. Even if it’s nothing more, it always ends up spinning as something more.

More with Tom Sturridge is not a bad thing at all. He’s not married. This is a good start. And he’s young and free and doesn’t have children or a squiggle to hide a receding hairline (Jude) and he’s also adorable and not wiry and weathered and unattractive (Rhys).

Tom is also still relatively unknown. The paps taking these photos and the agency selling them for example called him a “mystery man”. Needless to say, a little time with Sienna could raise his profile and bring her one step closer to his best friend Robert Pattinson. You’ll recall I was campaigning for a Miller/Pattinson hook up a few months ago. Circles coming together like a celebrity Venn diagram.

Photos from Martin Grimes/