Look cute, love the booties, but rather tired non? And she lost her cool with a pappy the other, after almost a week of her best behaviour, determined to turn around the flood of negative publicity surrounding her and her movie. In fact, I hear that Sienna wants to be a new Sienna. Kinder, gentler, more considerate…note the active verb here is “Want”. She wants to be. But for some people, drama is innate…and in combination with so much pressure, with Harvey Weinstein dictating your every move and pulling all the strings, I suppose a little empathy wouldn’t hurt. I mean here’s a girl who has to deal with the alleged leaking of on-set copulation…completely fabricated of course, but still…if her boss is asking for it, if her Svengali says it should be so – her only option is to see the slutty headlines splashed all over the world. In this respect, I do feel for Sienna. Because when Harvey needs to market a movie, he will supposedly stop at nothing. But only for a Friday. A sick day, a sympathy day for Sienna. Come Monday and it’s giddy’up and slap her skitty ass. Because knowing Sienna, she’ll be askin’ for it anyway. Source