The cast of Avatar led by director James Cameron has been making its way across Europe promoting the film overseas before bringing it to North American for a final push before release date. Avatar opens on December 18th, one of the most expensive movies ever made, and riding on a new 3D film technology that Cameron created…

So expectations are enormous.

See I’ve been getting a bomb vibe from it, based only on the fact that the trailer does not appeal to me at all. But I am not huge on sci-fi to begin with so my vibe means nothing. Early reviews for Avatar have been outstanding. Very, very, very supportive. And what was worry is now slowly, slowly becoming cautious optimism. Could James Cameron have another f-ck you on his hands?

Here are Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana at the UK premiere last night. Am also attaching a photo of the group from Spain earlier this week because I had mentioned in a previous Sam Worthington post that I can’t get my lady boner up for him all the way because he seems short-ish and then they shat on me, his fans, because he’s “supposedly” 6 ft 2.

Sigourney is 6 ft. She was in Toronto a couple of years ago for Walk of Fame. Her online height listing is accurate. If Sigourney is 6 ft in flats (see attached) and Sam is not as tall as she is, how can Sam be 6 ft 2?

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