There was some stupid rumour circulating earlier this week that Simon Cowell was considering Taylor Momsen to host the US X Factor. When asked about it, Cowell was very clear about Taylor’s chances:

"Who? I don't know who that is. Unless there's something someone's not telling me. But no, as far as I know, she is not being considered."



It’s encouraging then, given his reaction to Taylor, that perhaps those other reports about who he might be trying to put forward may not be so legit. I mean, what works in Britain, I don’t know that it’ll work in America. Like Cheryl Cole. They keep trying to make her happen over here. The UK tabloids, every day, they’re blasting headlines that she’s thisclose to signing with Cowell in the American version. Then there was another report about Simon wanting Nicole Scherzinger to be the Seacrest of his new programme.



She’s big in the UK and Europe because she may or may not be broken up and re-dating Lewis Hamilton, the race car driver. I can tell you without hesitation that she certainly doesn’t carry the same clout over here.

So is Simon really trying to push his people across the pond?


Jessica Simpson > Cheryl Cole

I guess the problem with Porny though is that she’s not only dumb but she’s also f-cking lazy.

Anyway, here’s Cheryl arriving today at the Prince’s Trust with a hair style that screams “I’m small time”, and Taylor screaming into the mic during a performance in New Jersey the other night.

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