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Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 4, 2008 13:20:00 June 4, 2008 13:20:00

I’ve chosen to be childless. One of the dilemmas of the childless shrew is the social calendar. Although my girls would totally welcome me at their mommy and baby gatherings, since I’ve chosen not to have one, why would I want to be surrounded by them?

On the flipside, spending time with people a decade behind only serves to remind me how farking old I really am. Yesterday I was shooting a segment on Madonna (her best videos!) with a young researcher at eTalk.ctv.ca called Ross. Ross is 24. In other words, he’s a zygote. Adorable and sweet but completely unaware of what happened in the 80s.

Totally not his fault, obviously. You can’t control when you are born. But talking to someone who can’t appreciate the special spot Madonna has in the soul of everyone who grew up during that era immersed in pop culture… it was like I was writing my own eulogy.

He pronounced it “La Eye-la Bonita”. Of course he’s straight!

So while we’re taking a trip down 80s lane… here’s Simon Le Bon. Another relic from those halcyon days. Back then I lived for Duran Duran. I wrote letters on Duran Duran stationery, purchased from the Duran Duran fan club. And while others loved John Taylor, I was a Simon girl. It was Simon who sang me to sleep and Simon who walked me to the cornerstore for popsicles in my 13 year old dreams.

Simon married Yasmin and tonight they showed up in London at the Royal Academy of Arts. Since she’s a supermodel genetic freak she looks as beautiful as she did 15 years ago when they married. Can you believe they’re still married?

CORRECTION: i think i"ve heard from every Duran fan in the world. Simon and Yasmin have been married 20+ years. My bad!

Photos from Wenn.com

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