Look at her. In New York yesterday continuing to promote her new album. I love it when she scrapes her hair back. She has such a great forehead for it. Also, even though she wears her hair up a lot, it always reminds of when she and Ben Affleck “delayed” their wedding. It was September 2003. They made the announcement, blaming the paps, and then showed up at The Ivy, the most obvious place ever, to have their photos taken after dinner just to make sure we knew that it was a postponement and not a cancellation. The cancellation came 4 months later.

JLO, once again, is single after breaking up with the Slum Bear.


It’s a good time to be single. Like I always say, you can smell it in the summer. And wouldn’t it be a shame if this, in gold and black and all legs, was wasted for another summer?

So? What’s next?

It shouldn’t be long.

When it happens, I wonder if it’ll be according to pattern. JLO has a romance pattern: high-low, low-high. If she goes Low, she almost always follows up with High. Check it:

Low: Ojani Noa
High: Puffy Daddy Diddy (come on, back in 2000, Puffy was High)
Low: Cris Judd
High: Ben Affleck
Medium-High: Marc Anthony
Low-Low: Casper Smart

I’m saying we’re due for a High.

Also attaching video of JLO on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in tight white pants being pretty adorable.