JLO’s Miami Thanksgiving

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 28, 2016 15:24:02 November 28, 2016 15:24:02

Jennifer Lopez got through a holiday…without getting back together with an ex-boyfriend/husband or getting a new boyfriend/husband. JLO has been single for 3 months now. I’m really proud of her.

JLO spent Thanksgiving with family and friends trying to pretend like she has a bad angle. This, apparently, is what she looks like when she’s gorged herself on stuffing and potatoes and brussels sprouts and heavy cream and all the drinks.

First of all, I’m side-eyeing you if you’re claiming to be in a food coma while wearing a designer dress…


Me when I first saw the turkey!!

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Because everybody knows that you can’t actually put yourself in a food coma unless you’re wearing pants with an elastic waist. Eating to the point of a food coma comes with wardrobe considerations. Also, no one who’s been in a food coma the night before can go out like this the next day:

Are you kidding me? If I’m in a food coma after Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter, I’m in sweats for at least the next 72 hours because nothing else fits. Unless, of course, you’re Jennifer Lopez who… IS GETTING MORE AND MORE BEAUTIFUL. Look at her.


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