While his brother was celebrating his first anniversary with his wife, Hot Harry went out this weekend, a lot, amid reports that he’s shutting down whatever it is that he had going with Mollie King of The Saturdays. Apparently she was famewhoring too much. Poor Harry can’t find another Chelsy.

With all this time on his hands, and no military re-assignment to occupy his attention, Harry is taking London by night, happily without a dinner jacket (have you watched the BBC’s The Diamond Queen yet? He can’t even get through an interview without complaining about having to put on a dinner jacket at formal events!), showing a shirt hole by his navel, enjoying some sloppy freedom away from the judging eyes of his grandmother. Can you imagine the reaction if he presented himself to Her Majesty in this fashion? Or does she indulge him too?

I’ve the feeling that Harry has the luxury of lowered expectations.