He might not get a lot of attention on this blog but when he does, you always respond. He’s a well- respected actor who is friends with a lot of other actors and while he’s known to be sometimes temperamental with studios and executives, his work is always solid. Though he’s enjoyed a couple of high profile relationships, for the last several years, he’s settled down with a civilian. They married and had a child. They said he was happy and committed. That he’s not that guy.

So…how come he was all over a flight attendant recently on a flight from LA to NYC? He was hitting on her hard. And kept going behind the curtain to spend time with her. And kept asking for her number. He was supposed to be doing some work on his laptop but he couldn’t help himself – over and over again, hitting up the flight attendant station to try to get in there. Didn’t give a sh-t that the other passengers in first class knew exactly what he was doing. I guess it’s OK then that we talk about the Mile High Club. Even when he’s a cheater. Especially if he’s a cheater.