Selena Gomez presented at the Grammy Awards the other night with Donnie Wahlberg. During their intro, like a big brother, Donnie looked over at Selena teasingly when he said Justin Bieber’s name. Because she’s a 5 year old and doesn’t know about not reacting, she pulled a teen move and huffed at the suggestion – like, AS IF she’s only there because she’s been holding hands with Justin Bieber.

According to Page Six, Selena couldn’t leave it on the stage. After the award was presented, she refused to speak to Wahlberg, stomped backstage, cussing, and complained to her people that he wronged her:

“How could he do that to me on camera?”


She’s 18. And she’s dating a 16 year old. So I’m not sure Wahlberg pointing that out on national television is much worse.

But I get it. I get it at that age, everything is magnified, every embarrassment feels like you’re walking down the hall with a sh-t stain on your pants, life is just that dramatic. Errrm…kinda like these photos? Click here to see.

I wonder if someone’s actually bothered to tell Selena Gomez why people care about her. It has nothing to do with her. That girl has been trying to make herself happen to a Miley level for a long time. Baby, you need every Bieber mention you can get.

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