A few notes before you start drafting your complaint:

Logging in:
A few features are subscription-driven. Like the personalised Freebie Five. Per our Privacy Policy, we will NOT sell, trade, and/or distribute your information.

The Freebie Five:
Right now, it is database driven and slowly being compiled from anyone who has ever appeared on the site. As you can imagine, given that there are over 7,000 articles posted on the site, the process has been rather laborrious. I am so so SO sorry if your favourite has yet to be added. In time, he/she will be there – so long as I’ve heard of them.

The Comments:

You will note the Comments Section is still not functional. Truth be told, am still deliberating. Would love to provide you with a community for smutty discussion but am not able to constantly monitor the board for freaks and losers who spam sites with filth. Will keep you posted.

Still a work in progress - in future, you should be able to click on the Top 25 and retrieve a full listing of every article on site related to that subject. Again, it"s an intense project but should be complete within a month.

Under Construction
The LaineyMovie page should have a new entry by end of week, LaineyBooks within a couple of weeks. The Press Page will grow slowly as scanning and loading is a boring job. And the Links Page is old – will be upgraded hopefully at weekend.

Speed of Site:
For the first few days, we may have some performance issues. Beg for your patience and understanding while we work through the kinks.

Hope you enjoy your experience. If not, hope you can suffer through it for the sake of gossip?

Thank you for supporting LaineyGossip.com. Am truly honoured that you are here. Will work hard to earn your repeat visits. Promise.