RatPac Entertainment is a production company run by Brett Ratner and financed by James Packer, also known as Mimi’s fiancée. RatPac hosted an event in LA last night for Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations. Mimi showed up to support. In all leather, with the jacket zipped down to reveal her lace bra barely containing her elusive breasts. I mean, she’s Mariah Carey. It doesn’t matter who she’s meeting. Because when she’s SUPER SKINNY, what’s most important is that her clothes send that message. Like if she loses any more weight and she had to meet the Pope, she’d probably show up in a bikini.

When Mimi is feeling EXTRA SKINNY, and she evidently was last night, she sometimes poses with people with one of her legs hitched up, like she’s thinking about straddling them, just so that they can tell her how light she feels, because she’s SO SKINNY. Like this:

Unfortunately for humanity, she did not attempt to do this with the Secretary-General. We are all poorer for it. She, however, is not poor at all. Paupers like us are lucky if we can get his and hers, or hers and hers or his and his, bathrooms and/or closets. Mimi? Life for Mimi is his and hers yachts.

When she and James were in the Mediterranean this summer? He had his boat and she had a separate one. His boat, remember, is a f-cking giant floating estate. But a butterfly needs a space of her own to glitter and flutter. Mimi’s old school like that. When she’s on her own yacht, she can keep up the mystery. And also keep his hands away. Remember, Mimi probably rations his gropes.