Jacek doesn’t like being totally totally clean shaven on his face. And I, too, prefer him with a one day stubble...aesthetically that is. He looks hot with a little shadow. But, at the risk of sharing too much, when we make out, anywhere below the chin, it scratches, it’s uncomfortable, or it tickles, like on the inside of the leg. Which isn’t to say we only make out when he’s shaved, obviously, I just prefer it when he is.

So I wonder then what goes on for Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge, seen here after lunch in London yesterday. I mean, does she get mouthfuls of it when they kiss? Does it get stuck in her teeth?

Oh f-ck, ew. I just pictured that while eating lunch - chicken corn chowder, delicious, from Soup Nutsy.

I like how quiet Sienna’s been lately. Quiet...but not not dramatic. Never not dramatic. It’s Sienna. Come on. This is a girl who cries over noodles. How could you expect her to walk down the street without exhibiting some feelings? Here’s how the photographer described these pictures:

“Tom is seen putting his arm around the Layer Cake star, who was slightly tired and emotional. Sienna had earlier tripped whilst embarking a taxi, smashing her head on the door. But as she disembarked the vehicle Sienna had clearly cheered up, sharing a joke with the driver as she made her way into the restaurant.”

OF COURSE she was “slightly emotional”. What have I told you, over and over again, about this girl? It always has to be “slightly emotional”. There is emotion in everything. There is drama everywhere. And she must always be at the centre of it, even if it’s something as innocuous as knocking her head on a cab door.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com