Slumdog is sweeping everything. Like, everything.

But never forget what the Academy did to Brokeback.

So the SAGs happened last night. The Brange, as usual, had them screaming loudest even though Angelina decided to put everyone to sleep in her toga.

But Meryl, Kate, Tina Fey…how’s that for a power lady trifecta? We’ll break down the Oscar implications in the days to come. For now, what you’re talking about is who wore what and why. And given that Oscar nominations were just announced 4 days ago, for most of the legitimate movie stars, it’s all about conservation.

Conserving the big bullet for the big show. Let the tv people blow their loads. It’s their final opportunity. For the others though, the season is long. Oscar red carpet has become the big prize. As such, avoidance of premature style ejaculation was the theme of the evening. See Penelope Cruz.

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PS. Dev Patel was apparently so sweet in the press room. He couldn’t believe every actor received his/her own “actor”. Even the little guys back in Mumbai, the adorable kids who played the early version of Jamal, Salim, and Latika. Can you imagine them with their trophies? Dying from cuteness.

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