I’ll say this: I really like the Gucci she wore to the show. I walked past her on my way to the press room and the beading on the skirt as she moved was gorgeous. In person Cam really carried this piece beautifully.

But I did not enjoy the harsh orange Victoria Beckham she wore for Vanity Fair. Because of her build, on her it just looks like gym attire, especially from the waist up. Right? She could be going for a run.

So Diddy arrived on the carpet last night because he was a late executive producer addition to Undefeated which won for Best Documentary - for which he’s claiming credit even though F-CK OFF, he came in AFTER the film was made - and decided to pick and choose his press. George Clooney talked to everyone, this is what I’m saying.

He and Cam came within 15 minutes of each other. They kept their distance on the carpet. Then they cut away to her during the show and he was seated in the row behind her. That may have been an Academy seating plan but I’m pretty sure, had she asked for it, they could have arranged to move his seat. That would mean they’d be side by side though. And side by side is so much more obvious than one in front of the other...

To whom???

The question is: does Cameron Diaz have the sense to be ashamed of f-cking P Diddy?

The problem: Cameron Diaz does not have the sense to be ashamed of f-cking most of the guys she f-cks.

ARod gave her the cock crazy and now she’s transferred it over to a has-been who peaked 10 years ago AFTER giving JLo his best fame. And she can’t get enough of that sh-t! She was rubbing up on his back at Vanity Fair, and introducing him to industry people she’s known for years, all while he kept his “Bad Boy Records” face on ...because lame ass Hollywood agents are the only ones who consider him a proper MC who’s now trying to make it has a mogul producer.

As IF.

But Cam is not JLo. There is an inner circle that JLo will never penetrate because she’s demonstrated over and over again that she’s not capable of protecting the prestige of such a privilege. Cam on the other hand, Cam is in there already. Cam is part of it. Cam is a member. Cam, as Gwyneth said last night, “is one of my best friends”. Check it - Cam and Kate Hudson are now past sharing Justin Timberlake and ARod and can pose together at a party and look like they almost don’t hate each other. These girls know each other. These girls insulate each other. These girls can decide for each other. Cam’s the girl who is always hugging up on the other girls for security. So my point is there is more for Cam than Diddy. SO MUCH MORE. Goop can call up any number of eligible, higher end opportunities in a matter of seconds at a dinner party. But I wonder if Cam believes she can run up there anymore, you know? Duana just said to me - she’s getting older, Elaine...can Cameron Diaz handle getting older? After getting dumped by a raging ego professional athlete, is Cam the same?

This is a crisis of confidence. Which leads to a lowering of standards. And that’s how a Cameron Diaz gets stuck with a Puff Diddy.