After partying with her trust fund baby friends in the Hamptons on Saturday, Taylor Swift is now in New York City, resuming the catwalk outside her apartment, going back to her natural curls. It’s now been over a week since the separation of Swoki, with Taylor back in the US and Tom Hiddleston in Australia working on Thor 3. And some of you are wondering if that means it’s done.

Tom is actually scheduled to be in LA on Friday to work over SAG-AFTRA in support for The Night Manager. It’s Emmy season, remember? And Emmy is probably as important to him as Loki. So if he was always going to be back in Los Angeles on Friday, it would have meant they were only ever going to be apart for less than two weeks which may be why she didn’t end up going back to Australia with him. Watch for her then to return to Hollywood by the end of the week. And if she doesn’t, well, then you can start speculating.

In other Taylor news…

She is totally Slytherin, right? I am Slytherin, proudly. I know a housemate when I see one. And The New Yorker thinks so too (thanks Caitlin!) it their review of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (which is actually pretty positive). The problem with Taylor is not that she’s true Slytherin but that she’s pretend Gryffindor. Kinda like Albus Potter.

And on that note, Duana and I podcasted our thoughts about The Cursed Child this weekend. Jacek wants us to warn you that we go full nerd for over an hour on this. He hated his life during the recording. And he hated his life even more when he was editing this yesterday. Jacek, obviously, is a Muggle.