Yellow means humble

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 5, 2009 09:03:34 August 5, 2009 09:03:34


Oh no, this bitch isn’t smug AT ALL. That’s not a smug face. That’s totally the face of a humbled man, in humble colours, not brash, not brazen, sincere and apologetic and ready to make amends.

It’s Chris Brown at LAX arriving for sentencing today – just a formality, the deal was made weeks ago. He won’t do any time, and community service will be his official punishment. Awesome.

Picking up garbarge here and there for 6 months but he still gets to go home to a mansion and servants and luxury amenities at the end of the day. And still no PSA or awareness campaign or donation or jack f-cking sh-t all in support of women’s shelters and victims of violence.

Why won’t I let this go?

Because too many people have already let it go.

Too easily.

There are girls in line, IN LINE, waiting to get in his bed. There are women, grown women, who see him at the mall or at a restaurant and beg for a photo with him. There are boys watching him, thinking this is “the man”, high fiving that Chris Brown pretty much emerged from beating down his girlfriend completely unscathed.

He’ll probably be on stage at the Grammy Awards by next year.

Can’t wait for that!

Well no wonder he’s a smug bitch.

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