I have been asked by long time reader Tierney to help her, and the rest of you, through what she describes as the toughest stretch of the year and keep you clear of all the holiday temptations. But what fun are the holidays without a little shortbread and wine? I have accepted the challenge.

For the next 10 days I am going to recap my top 10 fitness takeaways for 2015 as well as leave you with a daily tip on how to survive the holidays and make sure you fit into your clothes come January 1st.

Coming in at number 10 for my top 10 fitness takeaways of 2015 is TRY SOMETHING NEW.

We all like to be comfortable and stepping outside of that comfort zone can be scary at the best of times, but one of my favourite ways to continue to keep myself inspired is trying new things. It can be as simple as trying a new class at your fitness center or as extreme as learning how to do something you have always wanted to try. This year I tried bouldering, and I was terrible at it, but it reminded me how fun it can be to learn something new. (Lainey: I’ve started boxing!)

Most of us have quieter work schedules over the holidays so grab some friends and pick something you can all try together. Take a ski lesson, grab some snowshoes, try a bar class or check out a new workout studio that has opened up in your neighbourhood. This will not only help you stay active through the festive season but it will also inspire you and your fitness goals for 2016. I have been dying to try the new megaformer classes that have recently opened up here in Vancouver. What will you choose?

And here is tip number one for surviving the holidays. Start each day out with a healthy breakfast, including a serving of vegetables. The rest of your day may be the pits in regards to your nutrition but if you start the day with something healthy, you are more likely to make better choices as the day progresses. A bonus tip, gulp a glass of water with your breakfast as some days though the holidays, it could possibly be the only glass of water you consume.

Attached - Amy Adams leaving the gym with her husband last week in LA.