Smutty Fitness: A Back & Biceps Circuit

Hayley Posted by Hayley at February 28, 2012 18:02:45 February 28, 2012 18:02:45

Last week I posted this medicine ball workout which targeted your chest and your triceps. This week’s routine will focus on your glutes, back and biceps.  Here are three of my favourite exercises that help to lengthen your hamstrings, tone your glutes and strengthen your biceps, back, core and improve your balance.  Try adding this routine after you finish the medicine ball routine or adding it to the back exercises that you are already doing.

1 – Box step ups with a bicep curl
In this exercise you want to start with your right foot on the box and with one dumbbell in each hand.  Drive yourself up, pushing with the foot that is on the box, not the foot that is on the floor (this is going to make sure that you are targeting your glutes on your right leg and not the quadriceps on the left leg).  When you are standing tall on top of the box do one bicep curl and then slowly lower yourself back down.  A few things to make sure you watch for is that your right knee never extends past your toes and as you step up and that your knee is not coming into the midline of your body on the down– it should always be inline with your second toe.  Complete 15 repetitions and pick a weight that will fatigue your arms by 15.

2 – Single leg dead lift with a bent over row.
Stand up tall with a dumbbell in your left hand and most of your body weight on your right foot.  You will then lift your left leg off of the floor as your lower your body towards the ground, keeping your hips level and making sure that you always have a straight line running from your heel to your head. The movement is occurring from your hip joint, not in your spine so your back should remain straight.  Once you are parallel with the floor you will lift the weight in your left hand up to your hip, squeezing your shoulder blades and bringing the weight towards your hip, ensuring that your elbow is tucked in at your side. Release the weight back down so that your arm is straight, then stand up tall by extending from your hip, using your glutes and hamstrings to raise your body up, not your back. Repeat this motion 15 times.

3 – Reverse fly in a single leg dead lift position
Standing again on your right leg, with a light dumbbell in your left hand, position yourself back into the dead lift position you were just in (you should still be standing on your right foot).  Maintaining your balance you will raise your left hand to the side, keeping your arm straight until your hand is as high as your shoulder.  Lower it back down and repeat, without standing up tall.  You will do all 15 reps holding this position.  You will really strengthen your glutes, posture, core strength and balance in this exercise.

Now spend 2 minutes doing your favourite core exercises and do a quick 60 second cardio interval (high knees, burpees, skipping, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, side shuffles) and then repeat the same circuit on your left leg.   

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