Summer has finally arrived and, like the rest of the country, it is time to get outside, into the sunshine. To me summer is about being outdoors and enjoying all the activities my city has to offer, from mountain biking, to mountain hiking, to trail running, to swimming, to SUP yoga, to beach volleyball, to cruiser bike rides on the seawall to kayaking and to boating, you rarely find me sitting idle, poolside. And because I never know where my next adventure is going to take me, or if I am going to end up sipping a cold beer afterwards on my favourite patio, I will not leave home without the following items in my bag. Consider this my guide to surviving an active summer.

Sunscreen is a must, and Coola is by far my favourite brand (which I wrote about here). Why do I love this sunscreen so much? Besides the amazing sweet smell, I love how it goes on easy, especially when covered in sand while playing beach volleyball.

I always have a towel in my car as it comes in handy daily and this big beach towel is my favourite. I am either drying down and catching a few rays on it after a long swim at an outdoor pool, wiping the mud off of my legs post mountain bike ride or toting it in my pack while on a hike with friends for our impromptu picnic lunch.

The only makeup I wear all summer is mascara as the sun usually provides me with enough of a glow on my skin that I can get away with minimal coverage. However, you need to pick a good mascara that will not run or smudge while you are facing the elements of Mother Nature. This Shu Uemera mascara is so waterproof that it is guaranteed not to smear while you are in the pool, goggles and all. 

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray has been a necessity in my hair product drawer for years. It turns the messiest and sweatiest of hair into fabulous, beach blown waves. Spray it in your hair from root to tip, and with a quick toss of the fingers you are patio ready. 

Along with all of this activity comes multiple bruises all over my body. And because I like to rock short shorts or sun dresses when I am not being active, I cannot leave my house without applying Prtty Peaushun to my legs. This lotion works wonders on evening out my skin tone as well as giving it a bit of a shimmery glow, and it tightens the skin just enough so your legs feel sleek and sexy. I like both the plain and the tinted lotions, but make sure if you are using tinted you let it dry before getting close to anything that is white. 

Have fun in the sun! And Happy Canada Day!