Hi Hayley!

After hearing rave reviews from friends, I have started taking barre classes twice per week.  I am enjoying the challenge and the low-impact workout, but I want to make sure that I am adjusting my other workouts during the week to fit with the classes.  Should I continue doing regular cardio? If I am sore after barre, should I still try to fit in strength training in between classes?



Barre classes are a great addition to your already structured workout but it is important that you continue to focus on the many other aspects of health and wellness.

There are five key components to health and fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and body composition. Barre fitness only addresses two of these components which are muscular endurance and flexibility. If you are only attending Barre classes then you are missing out on three other components of fitness as well as 5 other secondary components: agility, balance, coordination, speed and power (although Barre does help improve balance).

The great thing about fitness is that there are so many ways to move your body and your body benefits from continually changing up your routine so I suggest you keep with the two Barre classes a week but also make sure you continue with other forms of exercise.

If you are sore after a Barre class then the next day just do a light cardio workout and stretching but being sore is not a bad thing. Listen to your body and if you feel like you are not too sore to workout the next day then give it a go. However, rest days are important too so it is ok if you do need to take a day off.

An example week could look like this

Monday – Barre Fitness
Tuesday – Spin class followed by 20 minutes of upper body strength training
Wednesday – A long run or power walk
Thursday – Barre Fitness
Friday – Cardio intervals combined with 20 minutes of lower body strength training
Saturday – a long hike with a friend
Sunday – rest

The key is being consistent with living healthy. Commit to challenging yourself and moving your body daily and eat by the 80/20 rule where you are not depriving yourself but staying conscious of not over indulging. Have fun with your fitness routine and stay open minded about trying new things as you never know what activity you just might fall in love with.

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