Here is a quick workout I like to do on the treadmill when I don’t have time for a long workout but I want to burn maximal calories in a very short amount of time, plus work on the shape of my butt.  This is a great set to do on your lunch hour, before you head home from work or you can add it in to whatever you are already doing at the gym.

Start with a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill at any pace, walking, jogging or running.  After you are warm, increase the incline of the treadmill between 8-12% and set your speed either at a very fast power walk (a speed that you can sustain without needing to hold on) or a jog.  With the treadmill moving (be careful) step onto the treadmill for 30 seconds then straddle the sides of the treadmill (1 foot on either side of the treadmill with the belt running between your legs) and do 30 seconds of deep squats then get back onto the treadmill right away, no rest! Repeat this 10 times.  

Next, lower the incline to 1.5-3% and put it to the fastest speed that you can run at (or if you can’t run keep the incline a bit higher and power walk).  Hop on and do 60 seconds of running then step off of the treadmill and do 60 seconds of alternating forward lunges (I usually just do this behind the treadmill when I’m doing it at the gym).  Get back on the treadmill and do 50 seconds of running then 50 seconds of alternating lunges.  Work your way all the way down to 10 seconds of each. And if at this point you are thinking you still might be able to walk in the morning, finish off your workout with this circuit.

Attached - Abbie Cornish on her way to yoga in Sydney today.