I’m sure most of you watched the Golden Globes the other night, but if you are anything like me you were not watching it to see who won what, but rather who said what, who came with who, who rocked the red carpet and who may need a little more help to rock it at the next awards.

I’ve picked 5 of my favourite bodies (and body parts) that I saw last night and put together 5 circuits that you can add to what you’re currently doing at the gym and have fun with. Each day this week I’ll post one circuit for one body part.  Remember though, these women work HARD to look as good as they do and they eat very restricted diets and have a very regimented workout.  I am saying that this has to be your goal. I hate for us, as women, to strive to be that thin and value our self worth on the size of our jeans, but there is nothing wrong with adding a little fun to your workouts already.  So go ahead and try these workouts and for some advice on how to make your workouts as smooth as possible, check out my earlier post as it has all the instructions that you will need.

Sexy Back

How good did Claire Danes look in her backless gown she was wearing on the red carpet Sunday night? I’m like her in how I dress when I’m trying to look sexy: I like to show my back as I was blessed with a very athletic body, which came with very small boobs and very strong and muscular legs.  To get a back like Claire’s, try adding this circuit to your workout.

Start with a 500 m row on a rowing machine.  If you don’t have a rowing machine but have access to a pool, at the end of your workout hop into the pool and swim 800 metres, any stroke is fine but do something to get your heart rate up before you start the strength portion, anything is fine.

15 burpees: bend your knees and place your hands on the floor, jump your feet behind you into a straight arm plank position keeping your core tight and not allowing your hips to drop below your shoulders, jump your feet back towards your hands then jump up into the air, extending your hands up and over your head. (Lainey: I hate burpees.)

Pull ups – do as many as you can until fatigue.  There are all different ways of doing pull ups: using a TRX (my favourite), some gyms have machines that will assist you in pull ups, you can use bands that will help you or work with a friend to help you get up.  If you absolutely cannot do any pull ups then don’t worry, as you build your strength in the other exercises it will come.

20 mat supermans – lay on your stomach on a mat with your forehead on the matt.  Lift up your right arm and your left leg approximately 2 inches off the ground then try and stretch as far as possible (go for length rather than height).  Hold for about 3 seconds then repeat on the other side.

20 Stability Ball back extensions: lay on your tummy on a stability ball with your feet up against a wall and your legs straight and flex and extend at your hips while keeping your back neutral and core held tight.  Make sure you don’t lift your upper body up so high that you arch your back.

1 minute mountain climbers: go into push up position and then drive your knees into the center, one at a time, while keeping your hips low and still.  Imagine that you are running on the spot. (Lainey: mountain climbers are worse than burpees.)

20 plank dumbbell rows (each side): go into a push up position with your hands on a bench and then grab onto one dumbbell with one hand (extending the arm straight) and row it up to your hip, then back down, ensuring that you are keeping your hips still and level with the floor. Take a 15 second rest before you attempt the other side.

20 Stability Ball Oblique crunches (each side): lay sideways on a stability ball with your feet against a wall (your bottom foot will be in front of your top foot) and your hip should be positioned right on top of the ball. Place your hands behind your head, lower your body down so that you are flat on the ball and then contracting from your obliques lift your upper body up and off of the ball, while drawing your abs in tight.  Repeat right away on the other side.

Go through this circuit 1 – 3 times, each time doing some form of cardio (preferably the rowing machine) for 3 – 5 minutes.  Then go home and put on your sexiest backless top and be proud of your new, toned back.