I’m sure all of you are aware that Lainey has been off at the Sundance film festival all week plus ringing in Chinese New Year, so after knowing her for many years now I know she has NOT been doing as I’ve asked of her while she is away: not enough sleep, inconsistent with her healthy food choices and most likely a few too many vodka sodas. (Lainey: mostly correct, only Baileys instead of vodka.)

She is back this week and home for a month (thank goodness) so I am about to put her through the ringer and get her red carpet ready for the Oscars.  It is crazy how quickly things creep up on you.  I’m currently training for the Boston Marathon and I just realized I only have 11 more weeks to train, which may seem like a lot but when you break it down, it is really only 9 weeks to progress and see improvements.  If you have a goal or are training for something, stop putting it off and start training now because before you know it the date will arrive (a wedding? a reunion? a race?) and you won’t be ready.

Here is what Lainey’s next two weeks are going to look like.  Feel free to follow along and support her through this.  If you have been consistently exercising for a while now (6 months or more) you should be ok with this but please, if you are just starting, then modify! You don’t need to run, you can walk, snowshoe, hike, cycle, or do an aerobics class but try and follow the intensities.  If you’re doing a power walk instead of one of the runs then when Lainey is increasing her speed to a fast run, you increase your walk to a fast walk or if you are on a treadmill add more incline.  For the swimming you can also cut the distance down too, if you are new to swimming.  And, if you don’t swim, I challenge you to sign up for an adult learn to swim program. It is a great form of exercise and it is always good to pick up a new skill.

Have fun and help Lainey feel her best at the Oscars.


Thursday –Run workout 2
Friday – Swim workout 2
Saturday – Power walk 90 minutes
Sunday – Rest
Monday – Swim workout 1
Tuesday – workout with Hayley (if you are doing this with her then pick a circuit I’ve already posted)
Wednesday – Run workout 1

Repeat for 2nd week

Swim workout 1 – beginner – 1km
8 x 25m (1 length) choice stroke warm-up with 10 seconds of rest between 25s

Main Set

4 x 50m (2 lengths) choice stroke alternate with choice swim – 30 seconds rest between 50s (do 1 50 m swimming and then one kicking with a kick board)

2 x 100m (4 lengths) choice stroke/choice kick –30 seconds rest between 100s (do 50m swimming then 50m kicking without rest)

1 x 200m (8 lengths) choice stroke/choice kick – 50m swimming then 50m kicking for 200m without resting)

8 x 25s fast stroke/kick – do 2 lengths swimming as fast as you can (resting 15 seconds between lengths) then do 2 lengths kicking (with a kickboard) as hard as you can.  Repeat this 4 times


100m (4 lengths) easy swimming

Swim workout 2 – intermediate – 2000 m
3 x 100m easy swim – freestyle – 20 seconds rest
4 x 50m hard freestyle up, choice stroke back  - 15 seconds rest
100m choice kick (with a kickboard)

Main Set

1 x 200m freestyle – every 50m you will increase your speed

50m choice kick – with a board

2 x 150m freestyle – every 50m you will increase your speed – 15 seconds rest

50m choice stroke

3 x 100m freestyle – every 25m increase your speed

50m choice stroke

4 x 50m freestyle – hard – 20 seconds rest


150m choice stroke

Run workout 1 – 40 minutes

5 minute easy jog
24 minutes - 4 minutes jogging (70% maximum heart rate) 2 minutes tempo run (80% maximum heart rate) – repeat 4 times
10 minutes easy jog to finish

Run workout 2 – 60 minutes

5 minute power walk
5 minute jog
45 minute steady state run (75% heart rate)
5 minute power walk to finish

Attached - Mila Kunis after a workout yesterday.