Hi Hayley,

My husband and I have been disagreeing about something lately. Our kids have been perma-sick since December and we keep catching what they have. My husband feels like he needs to push through his sickness and continue working out (he's worried about losing momentum), I on the other hand feel like exercising while sick will just make it worse (obviously it depends on the degree of sickness, in this case we both have colds, sore throats, little energy). What are your thoughts?


Rest, rest, rest!  You need to rest while you are sick or you are going to continue to get sick.Your body is fighting something and your immune system is compromised so if you continue to push through it you are going to break your body down even more. Taking a few days off to get completely better is a way better option than working out at half of your capacity for a month while you are battling a virus (especially during this flu season as health professionals are saying it’s the worst it’s ever been).

Here is the rule I follow: If the cold is in my chest, I rest; I don't even attempt light exercise; I drink fluids, fill myself up with Vitamin C and rest. But if the cold is from the neck up (maybe a mild sore throat and congestion), I allow myself to do light exercise (low intensity cardio, strength training and yoga or Pilates). I just spent 3 weeks fighting the stomach virus and then a wicked cold and now that I am healthy I am feeling just as strong as I did prior to becoming sick. Tell your husband a little rest will not cause him to lose much momentum and if it does it should only take a few days to get it back.

Get well soon!!

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