Without naming names, I’ve been having a quality problem with a certain brand of active-wear. The clothes are stylish but they fall apart. They never used to, but they do now. At that price, the falling apart is not acceptable. Especially not after such a short time.

So I broke up with them.

And now Lolé is my new jam.

The design, by Andy Thé-Anh is really, really cute. Look at the Classic Top and the Zenith Tank. See? And DURABLE. In the wash. I’m lazy, I throw my sh-t in any cycle. And these items have come out fine.

But then...

I found out that Lolé does golf!

Last week I had a meltdown at Golf Town because their women’s golf shoe selection was so sh-t. Is there a conspiracy here? The ladies’ golf clothes on the market are primarily designed for tight ass white ladies. I wonder if they keep it that way so as to keep out us coloured riffraff who prefer not to dress like assholes.

I guess then they’re probably not so happy with Lolé. Check out the Tempo Polo Top. It comes in sleeveless too.

How much do you love the Lotus Capri?

And for all you yoga people, the Mantra 2 in 1 should be yours.

(This article, like Sasha’s Into It articles, is NOT a paid endorsements. Paid endorsements on LaineyGossip.com are always clearly marked. This is simply a recommendation based on personal experience.)