The last body parts (and body) I’ve chosen from the Golden Globes are Felicity Huffman’s arms.  There were a lot of pipes on the red carpet and some, especially Madonna’s, were so tight they looked like they might rip if they were straightened but Felicity’s were just right.  They were long and lean with just enough tone to remain sexy, not manly.  I love toned arms on women, especially in the summer.  So get working on this arm circuit and be ready to show off your arms in your sundresses and tank tops come summertime.

Start off with jumping rope, for a minimum of 3 minutes.  I spent 3 weeks jumping rope nearly every day for 15 minutes and my arms never looked so good – swimming didn’t even shape my arms the way jumping rope did.  If you don’t have a jump rope, just like the stability ball it is a home gym necessity, so go out and buy one.  

When you have finished warming up do the following: just like the leg circuit, these will also be timed sets so start with 30 seconds and work your way up to 60 seconds.  If you need a rest between the exercises take about 15 seconds but try and get through it all without resting.

Bicep Curl/Shoulder Press – do a bicep curl then go right into a shoulder press then bring the weight back down by your side (like you would when finishing a bicep curl)

Push-ups – do these from your knees as it allows us as women to get low enough to actually work the shoulders and triceps.  I always do my push ups from my knees with no shame!

Pistons – these are my favourite shoulder burner! (Lainey: do NOT be fooled. Pistons are HORRIBLE. Consider yourself warned.) Grab the lightest weights you can find (3lbs are perfect) and hold your arms in front of you bent to 90 degrees. One arm at the time I want you to punch the ceiling (keeping the rest of your body as still as possible).  Do these as fast as you can (like they are pistons in a car) and I promise your arms will be on fire.

Tricep Dips – these can be done anywhere, on a bench at a gym, in a park or a chair at home.  Most importantly, in this exercise the movement has to come from your elbows, not your shoulders.  So, while doing the dips make sure you are bending your elbows to 90 degrees.

Fast Bicep Curls – place your feet together and one arm at a time do a bicep curl, as quickly as possible.  Don’t slow your arms down until you have reached your time limit!

Again go through this circuit 1 to 3 times and add the skipping in between.  Or, take all the workouts from the entire week and do each circuit one time for a full body, ass kicking workout.

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Also, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback asking for videos of the exercises I’m posting about, and I hope to get some going shortly but just bear with me for the next  while as I try and explain the best I can on how to do the exercises.  And if you have a quick question on how to do any of the exercises from this week ask me on my facebook page and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.