I never thought I would be one to use a fitness app on my phone to track my eating but in the fall of 2012 I was introduced to MyFitnessPal and in 10 weeks I dropped 15 pounds that had been gained over the summer. 

Here is why I think a system like this works. The number one reason is this is not a diet.  We all know that diets do not work, ever. Using a tool instead, like a food and exercise log like MyFitnessPal, will allow you to eat how you normally would while staying aware of how many calories you are consuming. You quickly learn that if you have a muffin with your morning coffee you might not want to be having a glass of wine with dinner and that you have to start making choices. And a tool like this will also teach you that if you find yourself having a chocolate or two at work it is not the end of the world. I do not know about you, but I know many times when I have had some chocolate or some other treat that “I’m not supposed too” I can wind up feeling guilty about it. With a food log you begin to understand that moderation is the key. 

An app like MyFitnessPal (there are many types of these apps, but this one is my favourite) helps you figure out how much you really need to eat in a day and, when you do not work out, how few calories your body actually requires. You learn the importance of making the right choices, as the last thing you want is to have consumed your daily calorie requirement before lunch.

If you are looking for a way to get your eating on track, commit to something like this, with the following recommendations:  

1 – Set your weight loss per week to a maximum of 1.5 pounds as anything more than that becomes difficult to stick to as the calorie recommendations are extremely low.

2 – Only weigh yourself once a week as weighing in more can cause you to become obsessive. Trust that you are doing the work and get excited for when you weigh in.

3 – From my experience it can become addictive and you want to see how much weight you can keep losing. Set a realistic goal and once it has been attained reset your profile to a weight maintenance program and eliminate your daily caloric deficit.

As I have said before, weight loss is not a quick fix and it takes time and consistency.  Be consistent with whatever tools you decide to use to help you reach your goals and do not expect magic to occur overnight.

Attached -- Jonah Hill leaves the gym in New York.