I have long, thick hair and I have always battled with it when I am exercising.  Besides the fact that I have to wash and style it after a workout (which takes forever) I have always fought with how to tie it back when I am running.  I hate the feeling of my hair on my back, so a low pony tail is out of the question. Putting the pony high hurts my scalp from the weight of the hair pulling on it not to mention the weight of the hair causes the ponytail to fall out.  Putting it in a braid is not an option as my hair in a braid is like a whip and I look like I have been beaten at the end of my run.

The only thing that works for me is a messy, low bun as this keeps the hair off of my neck and back but it also keeps the weight off of my scalp (you girls with long thick hair know what I’m talking about, right?).

The only problem with this way of tying it is finding a hair band that will hold it because I cannot tell you how many times I have had to stop mid-workout fix my hair. Or how many times a hair tie has snapped mid workout and I am left trying to tie it back together. 

A few years ago my sister-in-law brought me home hair ties from Japan that were like magic.  When I talk about these I become so excited that girls start to think I am crazy, yet when they try them they understand why and I have to fight for them back. These hair ties have just the right stretch to them and the perfect tension that I have actually completed two Ironman Triathlons without having to stop once to fix my hair (through a 4km swim, a 180km bike and a 42km run). These elastic are so amazing they are like gold to me but there is one problem -- they are from Japan! And that makes it tough to replenish when you have run out (the only reason you run out being you lose them, they never break or lose their elasticity).

I have since been on a hunt for 7 years trying to find a hair elastic that is just as good – one that won’t break mid-workout, will hold my hair still and off my back, never lose its elasticity and is cute.  Trust me, I have tried them all and I finally found some that meet my standards.  Check these out, from LA. I know they are pricey but they are worth every penny.  I have been using the same elastic for 2 months now and I have not had to touch the others in the case as there has been no need to. It’s lifechanging.

Attached -- Claire Danes out for a run.